Time for Air Conditioning Maintenance

Simple routine ac maintenance checks prevent frequent breakdowns. On top of this, it helps with budgeting by avoiding excessive energy bill and repair costs.

One of the AC unit’s most important parts to maintain is the filter. These must be replaced or cleaned in a routine manner. If this is not done then it could cause a blockage to the airflow and lead to a needed ac repair. This also can cause an AC unit to lock up, preventing it from working.

Another issue that neglect of maintenance can cause is a situation where dirt gets into the evaporator coil. When dirt finds itself in the ductwork, it poses a risk to this coil. The result is an impaired capacity to absorb heat, which leads to less efficacy and higher operating costs.

When it comes to filters, there is an endless variety to select from. Consulting with a local technician helps to define and find what is sought, and erases the headache involved with comparing efficiency ratings of each filter.

For those who are happy with their current filter types, simply scheduling a maintenance procedure is all that is necessary. This enables and ensures optimal performance and helps adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for a smoothly operating unit.

If you live in a hot area where running the AC constantly is a must, the filters will need to be replaced more often. A more frequent maintenance is also recommended for those who live near dusty or dirty roads, or those with pets.


A coil is the part of an AC unit that utilizes a refrigerant to absorb heat. These metallic parts often collect dirt. As they become filthier, the airflow reduces, and the coil will insulate. In turn, this ruins the coil’s usefulness in repelling or absorbing heat.

Both the cold and hot coils require, at minimum, a yearly cleaning. This allows the process of evaporation and condensation to perform properly, at peak functioning and efficiency. With a regularly scheduled maintenance, less cleaning is required, and potential hazards are avoided. Little things like foliage and debris can put an AC system out, if left unattended to.

Coil Fins

From both the hot and cold coils, thin fins of aluminum extend. If they become bent, which happens quite easily over time, creates a massive blockage of airflow. A technician is able to safely “comb” these fins back into place, restoring the original efficacy of the unit.

Condensate Drain

Drain lines are another vital part of any AC system. If the condensate drain-line clogs, water will not drain in a correct manner. This can be caused by mildew and/or mold and poses risks to personal health and mechanical processes.

Qualities of a good HVAC service technician

The following skill sets belong to qualified HVAC technicians, and should be called upon when AC season swings round.

  • All capacitor are checked for remaining life
  • Diagnostic of fan motor performance and mechanical symptoms
  • Quantified measurements of evaporator coil airflow and pressure
  • Accuracy and reliability of thermostat regulation
  • Refrigerant volume checks for a proper and consistent amount
  • Leak testing via thorough system examination and testing

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